Brief Background

Moses, a born of kole district (northern Uganda) in 1992, was able to complete his bachelor's degree in education successfully in jan 2018 from Makerere University Uganda. Moses' strength is always spent on thinking about how to create a conducive atmosphere for the restt of the visually impaired people around him to also reach his level or be capable of managing their lives independently but this will be realized with the great wealth of friends from within and out for it is through combined effort that we can move the world to the next level.

The Strengths Of Moses Ayoli

  1. Acquired new and more technological knowledge and experience especially on JAWS usage
    Moses is one of the people who have excelled in the JAWS certification exam set by Freedom Sciantific
    Greater thanks to Freedom Sciantific not forgetting Oysters and Pearls for the wonderful work done.
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  3. He is some one who like athletics and music extremely
  4. Moses participated in many national activities in Uganda (his home country) like MDD festivals, sports among others.
  5. He also participated in leadership at different levels of his life.
  6. Also participated in the HTML and other ICT programmes in Gulu based on Jaws organized by Oysters and Pulse
    Oysters and Pulse is an organization based in Northern Uganda and it has tried its best to empower youths with visual impairment in Uganda through ICT training using JAWS (job access with speach) and promoting life skills in addition to the education of youths with visual impairment

Spacific interests

The perception of the comunity about the blind.

Most of the people in the various comunities that persons with visual impairment come from imagine that they can't do anything that is productive and so some times they are over protected.
Others are ignored while others are abandoned.
It is also unfortunate that others are used to provide slave labor in the name of providing them with some basic necessities like soap, food among others.
They are not awhere that those so called blind people can be a great sight to the comunity especially if educated.
For this, i call upon all the people who come from where this category of people are to always give them the oppotunity to study.