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MS Word guide

Tips On MS Word Management

If you are a visually impaired person or you are some one who needs more keyboard knowledge to manage MS office applications, i assure you that you are in the right place.
here i am going to guide you on how you can entirely rely on the keyboard to make professional documents or if you are a student this section will also help you to fully get yourself ready for your examination in word.
Note that this information will be continuously updated to accomodate a wider scope of MS word knowledge but only few changes may exist.

At this time i expect you to already know how to launch the MS word application on your computer so we are directly going to explore how to manage the features. Header and footer:
press the alt key to activate the application ribbon, use the right arrow key to locate the insert tab, and then press the tab key until header in the header and footer group box. Hit the enter key to drop down the header list. Navigate with the up and down arrow key to locate a built in header style and press enter to select one. Type the header and hit the escape key to save the header text. The footer button is also locate in the header and footer group box; so to insert footer, go through the same course but locate the footer button to insert a footer button. The other processes are virtually the same.
Page numbering: Drop cap: Underline:
to apply a normal or default underline (which is a single underline with a default color), Font formatting:
to format font face, or font type or just font (they mean the same): To format font color: Inserting pages:
to insert a page: Line spacing:
to adjust the line spacing: Foot notes and end notes:
to insert a foot note just do the following, Copying, cutting and pasting texts
Did you know that you can just use keystrokes ctrl plus C, to coppy, ctrl plus X, to cut and ctrl plus V, to paste your text to a desired location? Well then! Just go ahead and enjoy these keystrokes.
Page setup:
For page orientation: Page margin: To adjust the margin to particular measurement or to define your own measurement: To change page size: Text alignment: Indenting: Word art:
to convert a text to word art: Heading styles:
to apply a heading style to a text: select the text and press ctrl plus shift plus S.
a heading style dialogue will appear. Use the down arrow key to select the intended heading style and press enter. For instance heading level 1, heading level two, etc. Paragraphing and its formats (bullets, numbering and other paragraph setups).
To bullet a list or paragraphs: Text highlight color: Hyperlinks:
to insert a hyperlink: The address to link to, will be given to you by your examiner. Shading:
to shade a text: Note that this color picker is exactly like the color picker in the font format however, there is no okay button for completing the dialogue. Just press enter on the selected color to complete the picker. Date and time insertion:
to insert date and time: Working with columns:
to insert a column or text column or convert your work to column (they mean the same), Page background:
to insert a watermark: Themes:
to choose a theme, go to the page lay out tab and press the tab key until themes. Press enter and use the tab key to find any theme and press enter to complete the command. Commenting:
to insert a comment, select the text to comment on and press ctrl plus alt plus m. type the comment text and press escape to close the comment pane. Paragraph borders:
to insert a paragraph border, do the following: Text borders:
to insert a text border, just select the text or the all document (if you are required to) and use the procedures described in paragraph borders above. However, in the apply to, choose text rather than paragraph. You can choose between paragraph an text using your up and down arrow keys. Page borders:
to insert a page border, do the following: Signature line:
to insert a signature line, just do the following: Page color: Top Of Page Home Page